About Us

 Winter's Lemonade Stand was inspired by my journey to motherhood. My husband and I have been undergoing fertility treatment for 3+ years. To keep us motivated, we began coming up with baby names
...you know-speaking it into existence. 
The name Winter speaks volumes to our journey. The opening line of one of my favorite books says:
"My dad named me Winter because I came through in the coldest storm." 
Our fertility journey has definitely been our coldest storm. 
One day we will have a daughter of our own, and we will name her Winter. For now this business was created in the image of her. To inspire mothers fathers, daughters, and sons everywhere to make the best out of every situation. Turning life's lemons, into lemonade. 
So cheers to you, and yours. Grab a glass of lemonade, and teach your child to go after everything that she deserves... starting with fashionable outfits and accessories from us!
Quality Styles and Innovative Designs:

 Our goal is to keep your mini looking fun and fashionable without removing the innocence. We know that children are a representation of you, so we always aim to design adorable clothing you love, so you can focus on the most important parts of parenting!